About us

Our mission is to revolutionise data-driven insights from fashion images

Trendesk is a Copenhagen-based tech startup company.

Our aim is to empower our partners with visual insights from influencer collaborations. We believe that every time an influencer presents one of your styles, you should be informed, and you should also know which of your influencers perform best as well as which of your styles are trending.

With Trendesk, the previously manual task of collecting and interpreting influencer data is fully automated. This allows you to spend your time focusing on creating the best products and shopping experience for your customers.
"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."
- Søren Kirkegaard
Our team
All members of the team work united with every project of the company. We have gathered a small group of the best professionals.
Claus Blicher
Chief Executive Officer
Martin Christoffersen
Chief Communications Officer
Pavel Grishkevitch
Chief Technology Officer
Marc Andersen
Design & marketing
Maj Træde
Brand & marketing manager
Jan Hähl
Mike Kamorniov
The Trendesk principle

We are on a mission to revolutionise fashion and style recommendations. Visual recognition combined with social media analyses enables us to connect products in web shops to images on social media showing these exact products.

This allows us to provide brands with improved data about trends and performance for them to predict trends almost in real time, and it creates a new generation of collaborations between brands and influencers.